Friday, December 12, 2014

As I grew thin for 12 kg in 5 months

All good morning, good afternoon and good night! (c). My name is Veronika and I want to tell readers of the site the story of weight loss. In general I had not started therefore weight loss came easily case.

The most part of adulthood I was harmonous and tightened. It after married, I recovered and I started myself. Say the husband and so to love, why to try! And he an infection never even told "A nickname, you fat! Give grow thin!". All said that loves me everyone and fed with vkusnyashka!

And after all we even have no children, i.e. there is no excuse that grew thin after the delivery! Somehow imperceptibly I gained over 10 kilograms to the usual weight. Understanding that 29 I any more such harmonous as came to the not at once earlier. But when it came, I very much was frightened and ran to the sports hall.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How to grow thin for 10 kg? Plan of weight loss.

Quickly and easily to grow thin for 10 kilograms – dream of many people suffering from magnificent forms. Whether it is possible? At desire and observance of certain rules – yes. However don't forget that similar sharp loss in weight can't affect a condition of an organism positively. Therefore give preference in a choice of a way to send excess 10 kg to longer options of a diet.

How to dump 10 kg in a week?

How to grow thin for 10 kg? It is the fastest – respectively, the most hazardous to health – a way to say goodbye to hated ten extra kilos. We advise to resort to it only in extreme cases.

So, how to grow thin for 10 kg in a week? For a start we offer some options of the most effective diets for weight loss which will help to achieve a goal.

Monday, December 1, 2014

My experience of weight loss on 26 kg

Hello! My name is Natalya and I want to share the experience weight loss on 26 kg by means of a kefiric diet. But of course I was present at a diet not only kefir. But about everything one after another :).

Never I suffered from excessive leanness, after the ambassador of the birth of three kids absolutely I lost decency. My weight made 90 kg. Of course I didn't like such state of affairs and therefore I in 29 years for the first time decided to go on a diet. My growth to the word of only 163 cm. You can present, what Kolobok I was (a photo lower :)).