Friday, December 12, 2014

As I grew thin for 12 kg in 5 months

All good morning, good afternoon and good night! (c). My name is Veronika and I want to tell readers of the site the story of weight loss. In general I had not started therefore weight loss came easily case.

The most part of adulthood I was harmonous and tightened. It after married, I recovered and I started myself. Say the husband and so to love, why to try! And he an infection never even told "A nickname, you fat! Give grow thin!". All said that loves me everyone and fed with vkusnyashka!

And after all we even have no children, i.e. there is no excuse that grew thin after the delivery! Somehow imperceptibly I gained over 10 kilograms to the usual weight. Understanding that 29 I any more such harmonous as came to the not at once earlier. But when it came, I very much was frightened and ran to the sports hall.

My weight loss

The trainer got to me good and except technology of exercises painted to me a diet. The accurate menu wasn't, but there were recommendations that it is possible to eat, and that it is impossible. Here so they looked:

  • To chocolates and cookies fight!
  • To drink waters more
  • There are 6 times per day! But scanty portions
  • Any ice cream  :-(
  • For the morning — porridge and proteins, for lunch — salad and proteins, for the evening — only proteins! In intermediate meals it is possible to eat apples.
  • Instead of the forbidden ice cream I started eating fish and a turkey. And in general I ate them every day, alternating.
  • Fruit too is limited, it is possible only apples. Vegetables can be eaten any.
  • Well and further in the same sort.
  • After 19 by the way is it is possible, but not everything, but only proteinaceous food. Meat for example or kefir concerns to her.
In a month of pretty strict diet I threw 7 kg. The trainer explained that needs to give an impetus the organism that he started growing thin, and then and indulgences can be made. And it is valid, then it was authorized to me to eat anything once a week. Fruit could be eaten everything, except bananas. If earlier I ate generally porridge with fish or meat, now it is possible to eat sometimes potatoes (boiled or baked) or soup.

And the husband … such impression, as didn't notice my weight loss. "Well I grew thin and it is fine". Still I grumbled a little that the breast became less! Well not swine these men?! Next time I will recover to it to spite to 120 kg! I joke of course, to be thin it is pleasant to me more. And money one food smaller leaves

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