Monday, December 1, 2014

My experience of weight loss on 26 kg

Hello! My name is Natalya and I want to share the experience weight loss on 26 kg by means of a kefiric diet. But of course I was present at a diet not only kefir. But about everything one after another :).

Never I suffered from excessive leanness, after the ambassador of the birth of three kids absolutely I lost decency. My weight made 90 kg. Of course I didn't like such state of affairs and therefore I in 29 years for the first time decided to go on a diet. My growth to the word of only 163 cm. You can present, what Kolobok I was (a photo lower :)).

The girlfriend told about a kefiric diet and I decided to try it. Having stayed 3 weeks on the following products:

  • Kefir
  • Apples
  • The toasts (prepared from black bread, without fat, in a toaster)
  • Boiled meat

I dumped during this time about 10 kg. But problems with digestion, plus constant fatigue from shortage of calories began. Therefore I stopped such mockery at myself and passed to more sparing diet. Therefore I advise nobody a kefiric diet — it though is effective, but is unhealthy. It doesn't cost that.

In the new diet I leaned, as before, on dairy products. Also I ate a lot of boiled fish and a boiled bird (chicken, turkey). I replaced sweets with apples, I began day with a squash, I finished with cottage cheese. Any food after 19. Also there are a lot of vegetables that there were no problems with digestion. Gradually weight started thawing. In 6 months I dumped 15 more kg.
It is possible to see result on a photo. Of course I understand that to me still to grow thin and thin to the treasured purpose, but such ease in a body I didn't feel long ago :). And it is pleasant to the husband so much more. Generally, I hope on a right way.

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