Wednesday, November 26, 2014

As I grew thin after the delivery for 15 kg!

In principle from the smallest age I wasn't harmonous and had rather magnificent forms. more senior young people paid attention to me as I looked is more senior than the age. With a growth in 162 cm I weighed 52 kg.
By 19 years I already married and became pregnant … in 20 I already gave rise and started gaining weight quickly enough. After me wrote out I first of all it was weighed and I was shocked: 72 kg of my weight. further all went even worse as I began the period of rehabilitation and intensifying food that my milk wasn't gone, and the child grew up the healthy. Finally I began to weigh 76 kg.
And here month of September – the training period began. I started dressing the old clothes and frightened myself when on me everything went to pieces. All my acquaintances didn't recognize me and asked that with me became.
Last straw was that that I couldn't get into the favourite woolen warm dressing gown … In total! it was decided to grow thin!

In this photo I am represented and my small child. Here I weigh 73 kg. Not sickly? Truth?

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I started using everything than only could, up to laxative tablets and diuretic medicines. I even refused food and starved myself. But only don't take in head to repeat after me as it very strongly puts health. In a month at me kidneys started knocking and there were problems with feeding of the child.


Friends advised me to play instead of a prinimaniye of all these chemicals harmful to health sports. If still intelligently to change the food allowance that you in general will start thawing in the face of the acquaintances and relatives.
also at occupation by physical exercises, I was helped by that principle "Isn't after 18:00 and it is better to work sport". it also improved my physical health and lost extra kilos.
Also I always with myself in a handbag started carrying now fruit, just in case if suddenly I get hungry that I will at once muffle the appetite any banana or apple.
I want to tell many thanks to my husband after all he and arranged me to the sports hall, and also bought me a hoop, and presented the annual subscription to the pool.
My mother-in-law too helped me as like understanding and ceased to feed me with the pies yes cakes of house preparation. And still my kid early refused a breast that too promoted my weight loss on 15 kg.
And of course huge will power as I could achieve the success only in two years is necessary. But I now weigh 59 kg just like in my 18 years … and after all I already gave birth and to me there are 23 years.

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