Wednesday, November 26, 2014

For the sake of the husband I grew thin for 25 kg

All hi girls and women, my name is Ekaterina. Today I will tell you story of the weight loss which began in far 2006 when I still was 18 years old. Even then I wouldn't tell that I was thin and with the growth in 170 cm I weighed 69 kg.


When I met the guy (the future the husband) he constantly fed me sweet and I started gaining weight. A bit later I settled to work in office, and this "sedentary" mode started killing my figure up to the end. Then we at last celebrated a wedding and I became pregnant. My weight of the beginnings is critical to rise and my weight approached summer of 2006 to 90 kilograms. My husband began to call me, ceased to love me and as a result in general left to another. I remained one … alone with the thick body.


The new young man for the sake of whom I also wanted to grow thin could fall in love with me. He could fall in love with me such thick, but I wanted to thank him and to become much more beautiful. At the beginning of 2007 I went on very rigid diet on which stayed two years. In parallel with diets I started being engaged bodifleksy which yielded very good results.
Every day I stayed in a hall and tried to be engaged strenuously. By June, 2007 I already began to weigh 77 kg instead of mine 90.

My new figure of the beginning is pleasant to my new husband even more. He began a thicket to get out with me to the city and to acquaint with the relatives and friends. Now it isn't a shame to it to show me such what I is. And now he shouldn't watch women's magazine to see the beautiful woman on the present, after all now it has her directly at home.
On it I didn't stop and continued the way of life. On the date of writing of this article for women's club I weigh 65 kg …
You see that for the sake of the husband grew thin for 25 kg and if you too find for the sake of whom to do the new figure at you too everything will turn out.

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