Thursday, November 27, 2014

I lost 21 kg! The history as I lost excess weight.

Hello. My name is Elena and me it would be desirable to tell of the hard fight with superfluous (or not really) it is powerful. If usually at I allow to eat an excuse that they gain weight after the delivery, I have no such excuse. Because I to the 29 was without children and isn't married. It also isn't strange — weighing 81 kg and growth 171, admirers at me was a little. More true they weren't at all :(. Here also believe after that that men love women in a body :).

When the shooter on scales I showed this figure (81 kg) and started worrying how to grow thin. I started looking for diets. There was to play sports to me all life a laziness so started looking for a way to grow thin with the minimum efforts :) well, I mean, it is simpler to me not to eat after 18, than to run and sweat in a hall. Well, such I lazy :(

My weight loss on 21 kg
I somehow found a ginger diet. The sense of a diet was that it is necessary to have regularly a miracle ginger tea. But it isn't enough one tea, but also to observe a dietary diet. As options of a ginger diet was much, I "composed" the, having made a diet in parts of different options of a diet.

My diet for weight loss on ginger
Breakfast: ginger tea, plate of porridge.
Lunch: boiled chicken breast, salad from cucumbers and cabbage, ginger tea.
Dinner: ginger tea, low-fat cottage cheese in any quantity

Here on such severe diet I stayed month (!). I advise nobody so to eat. I was as a sleepy fly. At work I was nearly dismissed because of a carelessness. But I grew thin for 10 kg!. But more I on it couldn't sit. I re-read a heap of literature and I decided to return to a normal diet, but already to "clever". Now my rules of food looked so:

  • Any alcohol (it is very high-calorie)
  • Any chocolates, cookies, cakes, cakes, cakes (хнык)
  • Any McDonald's (and I so loved it earlier :()
  • Is after 18 it is impossible
  • It is more than vegetables in the menu

Following these simple rules I grew thin for 11 kg. But any more not in a month, and for 4. Total weight loss on 21 kg took 5 months from me. Now weight costs 60 kg on a mark and in principle I am happy though with ease would say goodbye to five kilograms :). Yes, admirers at me it became obvious more, more precisely they appeared :). If I sometime marry, I will give rise and I will recover after the delivery, already I know what to do to grow thin :).

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