Thursday, November 27, 2014

Weight loss history on 35 kg

My name is Alice and I want to tell the story of weight loss. I never was especially thin, I have such type of a figure that at a thin coat hanger and rather flat stomach, a big bottom and hips. Respectively fat was postponed generally there :) Generally chubby as my boyfriend tenderly called me, and then the husband

How I recovered?

To 25 me the weight (52-55 kg) was possible to keep a tight rein, I periodically stopped eating sweet and arranged fasting days on buckwheat, but after the delivery it passed all framework of decency :(. I understand, all gain weight after the delivery, on it usually returns to normal a bit later, and my childbirth ended, the lactation ended, passed year as separated the kid from a breast, and weight doesn't fall — only grows (

When I stepped over a level of 88 kg (and growth at me 163), the husband the first time for all the time of matrimonial life left to sleep to other room. It was very offensive for me especially as he never called me thick and I didn't ask to grow thin. But I and itself understood that is already poorly similar to that lovely "chubby" girl who married it. Rather I would suit an epithet "disgustingly fat" more.

We grow thin

Next day I got into the Internet to study diets. I read the sites, forums, blogs about weight loss. I looked at advertizing a miracle of tablets. Tablets I will always manage to spoil health — I thought and again returned to diets. I was interested by the Kremlin diet — I couldn't look at buckwheat any more, and here even sausages and a shish kebab it is possible. Cakes and cakes it is impossible, but I became indifferent to them long ago.

I counted points, I made to myself two menus: the first — the basic, the second — spare, on a case when the first bothers. And process went :)

The result was not such fast, as if I wanted. I read numerous reviews of loss of 20 kg in a month, but whether I wasn't lucky, whether they have such organism. At those who dumps 20 kg in a month on the Kremlin diet, that is.

For the first month I lost 8 kg. It would seem also so quite good result but if honestly in a mirror of special changes I didn't see. The husband ignored my weight loss, said, what loves me and such, but with a diet didn't interfere (well unless not rascals these men? :D). After the first month weight rose, as driven. Weakness and fatigue passed (in the first two weeks they were brightly expressed), the organism adapted for a diet and told me that from it will be enough.


Here I decided to add to myself to life of efforts and hinted the husband that would like to register to the sports hall. He apprehended my idea with enthusiasm and just next day at me on a table the subscription in the fitness center lay. Which by the way, was in 10 minutes of walking from my house, but I about it didn't even suspect.

The trainer a critical look examined my figure, made to me the program of trainings and a new diet. Kremlin I remained in a basis, but fresh fruit and vegetables were added to a diet. Calculation of points — is nonsense as the trainer told, the main thing — not to overeat and rise because of a table with easy feeling of hunger.

The first week I was hurt terribly by all muscles from awful delayed onset muscle soreness. The second too, but it is already not so strong. As weight started over again to thaw, I didn't give up occupations and by the end of the third week of pain in muscles passed. For the second month of a combination of "trenirovki+diyet" I managed to dump 4 kg. For the third month the trainer increased to me loading, I ceased to eat after 20 and weight loss went more promptly. I hung up on the refrigerator the photo harmonous Jay Lo in youth (we have an identical type of a figure) and it added to me motivations even more.


For the third month I threw 12 kilograms! But against a diet I began to be tired of trainings strongly therefore I had to return to a usual diet. And long to sit on the kremlevka even if modified, it is unhealthy. When I started weighing 64 kg the husband at last (!) noticed changes in my figure. Here it was possible to stop, but my obsession began to return youthful symmetry.

I excluded fast food, sweets from a diet (chocolate — only bitter and that is very rare), sweet tea, aerated water, chips, etc. garbage food. I began to lean on fish, salads, fruit, squashes. I trained under the leadership of the fitness trainer as before.

Passed 7 months from the moment of the beginning of my weight loss. Now my weight fluctuates on a mark of 53-54 kg, as in student's times :) I eat properly, I sleep on the mode, I visit trainings. I found many new friends in a hall — strong-willed, purposeful and harmonous.

The husband again carries me on hands — he liked it to do, still when we met, but stopped as soon as recovered, which isn't surprising :). I don't keep to any special diet, I eat simply properly and weight doesn't grow. We are going to bring the second child and I am not afraid to recover at all :).

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