Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Minus nine kilograms


Hello, my name is Anjelica, the last four letters of my name will also be my nickname on this portal. It is my first article. I with pleasure will participate in life of this site, I will tell you about interesting life situations, I will share excellent recipes and diets. Time on the site prevails a weight loss subject, I will write the first article about volume "AS I GREW THIN". Not to tell that I was thick, but excess weight nevertheless was present at me from 15 years, and since then I tried to wage war with an excess weight. Of course, it turned out badly as all fight was only in words, plus a sedentary life – work, study. Attempts to go to exercise machines, to be engaged in run brought result but as soon as I threw them, I gathered the extra kilos again.

The incentive is necessary for achievement of result

In 19 years I found the true love and decided to undertake seriously the appearance – and I understood that before, at me it wasn't simple serious incentive. With a height of 172 cm, my weight made 63 kilograms, perhaps, some will tell that it is quite normal, but I assure you – extra kilos to me obviously didn't go. The fat was postponed on a stomach and on each side, what couldn't but develop at me a certain inferiority complex – "I after all can look much better why not to use it???".

My actions

That I made the first there was a restriction in food: I ate quite normally, but portions became less and completely refused any food after 18:00. I admit that was very difficult – when there came evening, I looked forward when morning comes to eat a tasty roll and to wash down its kofey with milk or tea with mint, by the way there is a little information on mint and its applications at weight loss. I ate everything, no restrictions, except time and quantity existed. The result was pleasant to me – for the first month 4 kilograms left. The 59th weight not bad, but it obviously wasn't enough for me, however, I didn't begin to change the diet – the stomach got used to eat so much, and there was no wish to eat in the evening any more. In two months of such food two more kilograms left.

Kilograms left

Then the summer a heat on which the piece in a throat didn't climb, active recreation came and at me three more kilograms left. However, it was already search – I wasn't too thin, simply I lost any rotundities, and the washing board of very few people can be pleasant. Many discussed my new figure, asked as it was succeeded to grow thin, whether I am sick with any illness and as me so life frayed. Of course, it were envy smiles, those who continued to eat pies and to say how they want to grow thin. I can precisely tell one – it is necessary to find in itself will power, to find incentive and you will manage it.


Later, I recovered to 56 and now I remain in the same form. Of course, it would be desirable to correct a figure, but not weight loss, but physical exercises any more, to tighten a bottom, to pump up a press, but everything I can't find in myself this will power and I am sure, it because me and so suits the appearance.

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